Conference, one-to-one sessions, and training courses at Glastonbery soon !

A new training of Medecine Symbolique begins at Glastonbury. Maybe you could be interested….

// Conference on Wednesday 24th 2024 evening : A talk with us (Claire and Pascal ROUSSEY-SIMON).

We will speak and show how Medecine Symbolique can help people to understand why they have to go through any sort of difficulties (the soul path) and find a way to heal. Moreover, we will show how we work with the rods.

// Thursday the 25th : All day long, one to one sessions. The price : 60£.

// A two-day “discovery course” (Module N°1) on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th : The training course starts ! From 9am to 6pm. The price : 140£.

To register, please contact SAMIA : 00 44 795 073 51 20 or

Then, there will be a Symbols Course on the 6th an 7th of July to learn how to decipher the different messages given by the rods. From 9am to 6pm the 2 days. The price : 140£.

// The whole training package

Each module will start on the Friday morning. The price for the 3 days will be 210£.

1st cycle         HOUSES and BODIES

14th – 15th – 16th of September. Module N°2: Harmonization of natural spaces (the 5 elements)

8th – 9th – 10th of November. Module N°3: Emotional pollutions ,entities, nodes and fragments

January 2025. Module N°4 : The blocked souls

March 2025. Module N°5: Mental pollutions, entities, kweis, spiritual points in the house

2nd cycle            KARMIC HEALINGS

May and July 2025. Module N° 6 and 7: Lineage problems and lineage healings

September 2025. Module N° 8: The porous auras

To register, please contact SAMIA : 00 44 795 073 51 20 or

or Claire et Pascal ROUSSEY SIMON 00 33 684 41 52 54 or

See all the events from the french website :