The harmonization

The harmonisation reveals and gives meaning to the interactions between us and things, between internal and external energies.
Coming from the practice of Médecine Symbolique©, it gives solutions to individual and collective problems, from a sensitive and conscious approach.
The Harmonisation opens a healing process.

During the harmonisations, the detection of the invisible phenomena is made with dowsing rods used by water diviners. The intervenor holds the rods in front of his heart chakra and let them oscillate freely. The more they are sensitive, the more refined are the detections. The rods guide the intervenor towards areas or objects, having him following a path. These are symbolical movements, which reveal phenomena as the practice is carried out. Teaching enables to accelerate this learning.
Once detected, the sources of perturbations are interpreted. Either, the intervenor knows the signal and has the experience of it, or the patient interprets it spontaneously according to his reading.
When a problem is revealed and accepted by the patient, the rods enable, by guiding the intervenor, to make an energetical correction in order to have the phenomenon disappeared, either:

  • by an action of the intervenor on the place or on the energetical bodies of the dweller;
  • by an action of the patient himself, who becomes aware of the phenomenon ( unconsciously created by him).

The other tools

As in any therapeutical approach, communication tools are used, such as questioning, verbalisation, listening techniques, etc.
The teaching of the Enneagram, self-knowledge tool, is also given during the training sessions.
Finally, any energetical practice requires that the practitioner have physical and psycho-emotional health practices (diet, regular Qi-Gong exercises, meditation, work on oneself, etc.).

What can be harmonized?

Everything can be harmonized from the moment when the human is concerned.

Habitat inhabitants
Habitat inhabitants

Find harmony in your home.

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collective structures
collective structures

Increase efficiency and productivity at work.

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Pets and farm animals
Pets and farm animals

Improve the health of your pet and your relationship to him.

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Natural areas
Natural areas

Look after your gardens and farms.

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Consultations can be done for any reason, because the method can answer a wide range of issues. In fact, any dissatisfaction can be the subject of a request:

  • Existential problems,
  • Health,
  • Financial difficulties,
  • Relationship difficulties,
  • Repetitive patterns in life or in lineages,
  • Etc.

Detect and interpret symbols to restore harmonious functioning in humans