Cycle 3 – Symbolic Medicine of the Soul

This third cycle begins with the learning of the energetic language of the soul (Enneagram) and the notion of “karma”. It continues with the treatment of karmic information: treatment methods discovered by Rose and Gilles Gandy (possessions/sieves, invasive souls, karmic bubbles, soul program, karmic protections, etc.). All these techniques remain linked to the person’s habitat, because it is the latter that “prints” the effects of energetic pollution.

Module N°1 : Enneagram 1
Module N°2 : Enneagram 2
Module N°3 : Possessions
Module N°4 : Invasive Souls
Module N°5 : Bubbles and karmic protections, the soul’s program
Module N°6 : The incarnation of the soul (Enneagram 3)