What is symbolic medecine ?

What is symbolic medecine ?

Médecine Symbolique© gives solutions to individual and collective problems, through a sensitive approach and a personal awareness.
It reveals internal and external energies and gives meaning to our interactions with others and things, clarifying dysfunctions that may arise.
Its goal is to enable balance and well-being.
Current healing technics focus either on physical symptoms (medecine of the body) or on psycho-emotional factors (medicine of the mind). In both cases, the goal is to initiate healing. Body healing, spirit healing or both?
We think that physical or psycho-emotional symptoms come also from soul diseases, thus opening new therapy perspectives.

The practice of Médecine Symbolique© is based on basic principles:

  • Life has a meaning and its goal is the awakening of the consciousness.
  • One can recognise from within the mechanism that creates its own disease.
  • If this mechanism comes from the patient, healing will come from him too. The awareness and the treatment facilitate this internal response.

This is the daring bet of Médecine Symbolique: to appeal to symbolic ways to understand the meaning of the diseases and to heal them.

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Why use Symbolic Medecine ?
  • To feel better in one’s existence
  • To make sense of the events of your life
  • To awaken his consciousness to become a “lucid creator”
  • To help others

We summarize the purpose of Symbolic Medicine

Why use Symbolic Medecine ?
The invisible speaks by symbols
The invisible speaks by symbols

During the harmonisations, the detection of the invisible phenomena is made with dowsing rods used by water diviners. The intervenor holds the rods in front of his heart chakra and let them oscillate freely. The more they are sensitive, the more refined are the detections. The rods guide the intervenor towards areas or objects, having him following a path. These are symbolical movements, which reveal phenomena as the practice is carried out. Teaching enables to accelerate this learning.

The school

The School trains future practitioners in Symbolic Medicine and people who wish to deepen their knowledge of this human science, rich and sensitive.
The proposed curriculum includes several study cycles, each of six modules, as well as annual monitoring, to stay informed and share therapeutic practices and experiences.

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