A business can be a subject of harmonisation

Harmonisation of businesses and collective entities is a field which is little known in Médecine Symbolique. However, many harmonisations have been completed, both by the founders and by others trained intervenors. They give impressive and quantifying results. A business exists because it has a name (brand) and a place (head office). From there, it is possible to harmonise it by following the same protocol which applies to a home and his occupants. As for the pair habitat-inhabitant, when we intervene in a business, the owners (the manager) and the occupants (employees) can be involved in the phenomena, and it becomes possible to act on them too (with their agreement, obviously).

Why to consult?

  • Activity reduction (turn over, clientele, attendance);
  • Tension in a business or a department;
  • Employees turnover (resignations, departures);
  • Excessive sick leave;
  • Electronic faults or inexplicable electric faults, breakage, damages or inexplicable faults;
  • productivity decline;
  • Business sale or purchase blocked;
  • Complicated business transfer.

The approach applies also to local authorities (schools, municipality, regional government, etc.) or professional space (office, working space, etc.), the demand being directed by an entity member and/or its manager. Then the harmonisation points only phenomena involving the demanding person.

” A business
is a living
entity ! ”