Home, an extension of the being

Unconscious mirror of the people who live in a place, home is a significant field of Médecine Symbolique©. Based on a sensitive approach, the Harmonisation Habitat – Inhabitant brings to light those close links between a place of residence (or work) and its dwellers. The phenomena which manifest themselves at home reveal the existence of a subtle interaction between a land owner or a tenant and the symbolical extension of his territory.
What we perceive as an external phenomenon (home) also has an internal hidden source (the dweller). Acting on one enable to heal the other.
Several phenomena can be clarified during an intervention, which does not last more than three hours.

Why to consult ?

The most common motivations are:

  • Worrisome phenomena (damages, breakage, noises, leaks, sensations of presences, diseases after moving in).
  • Suffering felt at home, which generates sleeping difficulties or tiredness.
  • Lived tensions (conflicts, neighbourhood quarrel).
  • Constraints caused by a place (isolation, selling impossibility, etc.).
  • Diseases, children or pet suffering…
  • Finally, difficulties apparently external to home are expressed by affecting the dweller: work, money, isolation, social life.

” Close links exist between places and their dweller “