Natural spaces and natural forces

The harmonisation of natural spaces is an evolving field of Médecine Symbolique. It is now possible to harmonise gardens, farms, garden, fruit and wine farming. In such case, the home mirror image extends to wider places, such as farms, always involving their owner. There are similarities with business harmonisation but involving natural forces within the area of a farm or a domain.

Discover how it is possible to simply harmonize a natural space

Why to consult ?

For individuals, the Harmonisation will deal with:

  • An area before the installation of a house;
  • A garden, some land, trees, etc.

For professionals, the Harmonisation will deal with:

  • Areas before the installation of a farming business, a farm, an orchard;
  • Garden crops and fields (pests, diseases);
  • Orchards and vineyards (diseases);
  • Storage and transformation areas.

“ Acting on a space is considering the energetical aspects of the “living” of the space ”